June 26, 2020

Why Greater Peoria: Falcon Laboratories

Why Greater Peoria

Understanding consumer data is difficult and time-consuming for small business owners seeking to grow their customer base. Falcon Laboratories makes it simple by delivering easy-to-understand infographics right to your inbox.

Falcon Laboratories is a recently launched Peoria-based startup that aggregates consumer data from multiple different platforms and delivers the information as a readable report to your inbox every day or once a week.

Peoria has an excellent startup community. There has been a ton of resources for us.

Nate Smith, Co-Founder of Falcon Laboratories

In order to reach customers successfully, businesses need to understand their customers and test assumptions based on market need. Doing this requires aggregating data to track what customers want. The challenge is that aggregating raw data isn’t an easy feat for small business owners, until now. As a small business owner, I had to manually enter data from multiple different platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Mailchimp into an Excel spreadsheet. This process took a lot of time that I could have spent running my small business.

Lenora Fisher

Questions or comments? Contact Lenora.

Lenora Fisher
Director of Business Attraction
E: lfisher@greaterpeoriaedc.org
T: 309.253.6010

Falcon Laboratories is a full service web design company located in Peoria, with over 30 years of experience designing and developing websites. Their services also include branding. Learn more at www.falconlaboratories.io/.