March 04, 2020

Tour the Nest Coworking Space

The Nest Coworking Space

Take a tour of the The Nest Coworking Space! The Nest is a shared work environment for early stage entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote professionals. The Nest is the perfect place to host startup programs and tech meetups.

It is conveniently located at 820 Southwest Adams in the Warehouse District right across from Zion Coffee Bar.

Coworking is a great solution for independent professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The Nest is a great place to stop by and get work done outside of the office, meet people, and to build community.

For coffee aficionados, we offer a pour-over coffee station with freshly ground coffee.

Additional amenities include:

  • A great address and location in Peoria’s Warehouse District
  • Diverse furniture settings for various interactions and ergonomic preferences
  • 6-person conference room
  • Private ensuite with a 4-6 person meeting space
  • Great WiFi
  • Private restrooms
  • Minifridge, microwave, sink

If you have big a ideas and need somewhere to pursue them, the Nest is for you.

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For More Information Please Contact: 

Andrew Ngui headshot

Andrew Ngui
Director of Innovation and Startups
T: (309) 495-5972
E: angui@greaterpeoriaedc.org