July 07, 2021

Setting Greater Peoria up as a Biomedical Manufacturing Hub

Manufacturing has led the way in Greater Peoria for decades. From the mass production of Penicillin in the 1940s to manufacturing-giant Caterpillar’s innovative efforts in construction equipment and technology today.

However, Greater Peoria is about to welcome yet another sub-industry to the manufacturing sector: biomedical technology.

The Peoria Bio-Made initiative is well positioned to put Greater Peoria on the biomedical manufacturing map, especially with the recent recognition, by the Biden administration, of the need for these types of technologies to be made locally.

This initiative was created by biotech entrepreneur Jake Becraft who saw that Peoria could serve as a global hotspot for biotech manufacturing. From his efforts and collaboration with former Mayor Jim Ardis and the GPEDC, the Peoria Bio-Made pitch deck was created to outline the assets the area provides for the development of this specific kind of technology.

When viewing the pitch deck, site selectors can learn more about different incentives, the biomedical manufacturing ecosystem, highlighted available properties, and much more.

The Pitch deck is hosted on a dedicated webpage which can be accessed here

Click here to download the press release.