October 20, 2020

Remote Worker Insight: Dan Armich

When it comes to living a full life, Peoria based remote worker, Dan Armich, could give anyone a few pointers. Working as Associate Consultant Program Manager for Collaborative Solutions, a company that helps other companies implement and optimize Workday (a finance, HR, and planning system). Though Collaborative Solutions is based in Washington, D.C, Armich is able to do his work completely remotely. Working remotely for a company as flexible as his, has allowed him to pursue his passion for restoring historic homes as co-founder of Whiskey City Rentals

Collaborative Solutions has been lauded with praise as “Best and Brightest Company to Work for” and other awards. Armich says that beyond the awards, he chose to work there years ago because former colleagues could attest to the truth of these awards. As a people centered company, Collaborative Solutions offered Armich the opportunity to work from home. 

Originally based in Chicago, Armich made the move to Peoria for simple reasons. What it ultimately came down to was quality of life. Armich spoke of his experience commuting two hours each day for work, having to drive at least an hour to get anywhere, much less meet with friends. Moving to Peoria was a quick process and he was able to transition to remote work. The logistical ease that working from home has been one of the largest benefits for Armich.

The difference in living costs is so great that you can move to a place like Peoria and enjoy a very nice life for the type of wages somebody who can work remotely is likely making.

Dan Armich, on working remotely from Peoria

What makes Peoria a unique place for remote workers would be the worker’s ability to take advantage of the offerings in the area. There are coworking spaces to be utilized as well as more open relationships with local elected officials when confronted with city issues. Armich’s neighborhood is also unique, a place where he has lived for the past ten years. The community he has established with his neighbors is only heightened by the fact he can walk his daughters to school. The neighborhood’s infrastructure is also welcoming to pedestrians. 

As a mid-sized city, Peoria is especially situated to meet the needs of a myriad of residents. For Armich, he finds Peoria fits his lifestyle. To those considering the move to Peoria from a larger metropolitan area, Armich would advocate that, “Peoria is large enough to provide a lot of variety but small enough that it does not feel like an overwhelmingly large metropolitan area.” He sees the potential for continued growth in Peoria. Part of this potential is the gap in the housing market Armich has seen. That is what led him to partner with others to create Whiskey City Rentals. Seeing the poor stock of housing for students and families, they work to preserve the historic beauty of the homes while offering affordable housing. In this way, Armich is able to preserve and invest in the community. They work to provide good housing so that people who are looking into the Peoria area put down roots here. 

It is the community that Armich works to build that makes Peoria so unique. He says of his work, “Being out in a community is important because when everything feels like your house, people take better care of the community that is their home.” For Armich, being a remote worker for a company as flexible as his, allows him the opportunities to make Peoria a home for himself and his family, and for the countless others Whiskey City Rentals helps find homes.