July 14, 2020

Remote Worker Experience: Writer, Editor, Consultant – Emily Potts

Remote Worker Experience: Writer, Editor, Consultant - Emily Potts

To be successful in the writing industry means one has to possess a broad range of versatile skills. Emily Potts has been a prominent writer, consultant, and editor based in the Peoria community with a scope of clients and employers nationwide. 

Emily Potts – writer, editor, consultant – works remotely from Peoria.

More than 25 years ago, she moved to Peoria from Milwaukee in her role as assistant editor for Step-By-Step Graphics, a national graphic design magazine published by Dynamic Graphics (SBSG), which was based in Peoria. She was also attending Bradley University, and upon graduation, worked at other local companies including Central Illinois Business Publishers and Caterpillar. She eventually returned to SBSG as its managing editor, eventually becoming editorial director and rebranding the publication and gaining national recognition. After that, she worked as a remote acquisitions editor for a major publishing company based near Boston for nearly 8 years, and then as a solo writer and editor for several years, before becoming managing director at Pavy Studio, based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

As someone who loves big cities—New York in particular—Potts appreciates the big city amenities Peoria offers, without the traffic and noise. After graduating Bradley University, she stayed in the area for love, meeting her Peoria-born husband. And she states that Peoria has come a long way in the twenty years since. From the Riverfront Markets and festivals to the variety of ethnic restaurants blooming throughout the city, Peoria has grown. The cost of living coupled with the easy access of the Peoria airport and the blossoming cultures, makes living in Peoria a unique experience.  

With the COVID-19 pandemic, business has slowed, but the team at Pavy Studio continues to work and build new business. In addition, Potts is co-writing LogoLounge 12, a logo resource for the design community, with Bill Gardner. This is the third book she’s done with him. In her industry, LinkedIn and word-of-mouth have given her room to grow as an independent consultant.

To read her work, check out her website www.emilyjpotts.com and enjoy the quality of twenty plus years of experience.