November 05, 2020

Labor Force and Employment dip slightly

Greater Peoria’s total labor force decreased by more than 3,000 in September following a similar trend in June and July. The drop in labor force and unemployment, without an increase in employment, indicates that some unemployed workers have stopped actively looking for work possibly due to decreased benefits. The total of employed people is up since April but is still more than 10,000 below the pre-COVID total. The unemployment rate fell to 8.4% in September, .7% above the national rate but below the state number of 9.8%.

Yearly growth (Labor Force)

The data below compares the year over year growth in labor force for the Greater Peoria region.

Jobs by Industry

This data reflects the Peoria MSA and is based on “where jobs are” rather than” where workers work” as you see above. Click on each industry to compare year-over-year growth and totals.

Once again increases in Government (specifically local government educational services) jobs account for the majority of reclaimed jobs. These jobs are tied to schools and typically rise when school goes back in session and then decline in summer.