January 27, 2021

Illinois Defense Network receives grant to continue resiliency work


The Illinois Defense Network (IDN), of which GPEDC is a key partner, was awarded a US Defense Department grant to continue its work. This additional grant funding for Phase III allows IDN to continue and expand work of the Illinois Defense Industry Resiliency (I-DIR) Program over the upcoming 18 months.

IDN has helped local companies explore defense industry opportunities.

I-DIR focuses on key areas of challenge faced by defense manufacturers in the region, including cybersecurity, workforce capacity, and supply chain resiliency.  The four sub-recipient regional organizations (Peoria, Quad Cities, Rockford, Chicago) will continue to facilitate the sharing of insights and information, and offer direct assistance to manufacturers and businesses in their respective regions in these key programmatic areas.

The main target of these services will be small and medium sized manufacturers who will be encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to enhance their capacity and increase their resiliency. Those seeking one-on-one assistance will be accommodated.

 To receive more information regarding the defense sustainability and resiliency project, please contact Sally Hanley at shanley@greaterpeoriaedc.org or Linda Krendick at lkrendick@greaterpeoriaedc.org.

The 9 counties of the Peoria Defense Region.