July 13, 2022

Greater Peoria’s Global Community

Greater Peoria has a long and storied history with deep, international roots. Through the decades, our region has shown how its resiliency and ability to adapt, innovate, and grow. This history has made Greater Peoria into a region with interwoven global connections and international appeal.

In 1683 the French, led by Father Père Jacques Marquette (we still have a hotel named after him) and Louis Jolliet arrived in the region that later became Peoria. Peoria later became the Whiskey Captial of the World in 1837 and a litmus test of American acceptance in the 1880s with “Will it Play in Peoria?In 1878, six Sisters from Germany formed the foundation of The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, which is the foundation of OSF Healthcare, our region’s largest employer.

Our Global Community

Today, GP continues to grow and maintain its storied history. We continue to attract international businesses and talent to the region. We are home to over 10,000 foreign-born residents, multiple cultural organizations and 114 international companies from 21 countries.

Our Global Business Community

Community Member Spotlight: Manusis4

“When Manusis was looking for a US location, the Peoria area was perfect. The community was so welcoming and helped me establish connections with other businesses very quickly. Peoria’s location in the middle of America and low cost of doing business makes it an ideal location for my growing business.” Rodrigo Rotondo. Manusis CEO

Rodrigo Rotondo. Manusis CEO

Rodrigo Rotondo. Manusis CEO

We would love you to join Manusis4 and other hosts of businesses to locate here and be part of our story and history. Greater Peoria has greater possibilities. And yes, it does play in Peoria! Check out our comprehensive and diverse community.

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