September 10, 2020

Greater Peoria Essential Abilities and Knowledge Program to Launch in January

Coming in January, the Greater Peoria Essential Abilities and Knowledge (GPEAK) Program will be a free and open platform for students, professionals, and employers in the region to help equip individuals with the skills needed to be successful in today’s work environment.

GPEAK aims to certify people on 10 attributes outlined by the state needed for a successful career.

Teamwork & Conflict ResolutionProblem SolvingInitiative & Self Drive
Adaptability & Flexibility Decision MakingReliability & Accountability
Cultural CompetenceCritical ThinkingPlanning & Organizing

GPEAK is the result of a partnership of organizations dedicated to developing and strengthening our regional workforce. Partners include: Illinois Central College, GPEDC, Peoria’s CEO Council, Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), Jobs for the Future, and Northern Illinois University Education Systems.

“With the rollout of GPEAK, for the first time, our region will share a common playbook for essential skills. This set up tools and resources has been designed to meet the needs of our local employers and to support the development of transferable skills for workers across any sector. From middle and high school students to adult learners, the skills development through GPEAK are foundational to personal and professional success. With this shared resource we’re making our workforce stronger, together.

Brent Baker – GPEDC, Director of Workforce Solutions

The program is set to launch in January 2021. The Illinois Central College website will be the main source for GPEAK information.