December 22, 2023

GPEDC Weekend Update- December 22, 2023

GPEDC Weekend Update 12/22/2023

I have a pretty good feeling that a healthy percentage of the readers of our Weekend Update are already celebrating the Christmas holiday. So, this will be a brief update! Just a quick message of thanks and some reminders about upcoming deadlines.

Holiday Greetings: Now that my children are (relatively) grown, Christmas has become one of my favorite holidays. I love spending the day with just my small family (plus my mother- and father-in-law for dinner). We open some gifts, cook, have some tasty beverages, eat and nap. Great family time. My hope is that whether you celebrate Christmas or not you are able to use these days toward the end of the year to celebrate life with your family and friends. This past year has been a great one for GPEDC and Greater Peoria. I am very excited about keeping this momentum going into 2024. There are some big changes coming for our organization in the next year – all good ones. Thank you to our investors and partners for joining us in this important work.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the EDC

Deadlines: There is still a bit of time for these two programs, but it never hurts to remind people.

  • B2B NewBiz: Businesses in targeted industries like retail, restaurant and personal services that opened in 2020 or 2021 have until January 11 to apply for the Back-to-Business (B2B) NewBiz program. More information here.
  • Bradley Senior Capstone: You have until January 3 to submit an application to the Senior Capstone Course for the Spring 2024 semester. Get free help from senior Bradley students who are focussed on improving your business. More information here.
  • GPEDC Annual Meeting: Let me know if you would like to attend our Annual Meeting on January 9. Our guest speaker is Dan Seals, the CEO of Intersect Illinois. Free to attend, but we’d like to know that you’ll be there. Just drop me a line.

The GPEDC offices are closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so this is the last Weekend Update of 2023. Happy New Year!