June 17, 2021

Going Virtual with Site Selection; A Pekin South Industrial Park Video Tour

In the hunt for the perfect location, we know that businesses are looking to reduce the three most important factors: time, money, and risk. And while the evaluation process can be long and stressful, the GPEDC has launched a new innovative tool that will change the game by packing everything you need to know into a two-minute video.

This innovative treatment has been given to the Pekin South Industrial Park, our newest space available for those looking to grow their business. The smart video was produced with the help of Baxter and Woodman, to help people, especially site selectors find the key information they are looking for in a short and visually informative way without having to dredge through several pages of documents. 

The finished product not only outlines the site’s assets, such as its proximity to major transportation networks and the other benefits of Pekin but also gives the potential buyer a variety of outstanding visuals so they can begin envisioning their future.

The effort to make potential properties more accessible to interested parties is being made so that people remember that Greater Peoria is a great place to invest. In order to do so, we know that communication is key, and this video tool will continue to do just that in a 21st-century fashion.

“It’s a matter of time before the right buyer finds this hidden gem of a property and this video is designed to make that connection sooner than later,” said Lenora Fisher, Director of Business Attraction at the GPEDC. “It will bring the site to life and help outsiders understand its value in a more dynamic way.”

Watch the video below.