June 25, 2020

Farmers Market Season is Open

SL365 Farmers Markets

Farmers Market season is in full swing and markets are growing now that Illinois is entering Phase IV of Restore Illinois. This summer, there are at least 13 Farmers Markets continuing to operate in our region through the fall. Please find the interactive map below:

Don’t see your market on the map? You can add it here. This interactive map is an ongoing project assembled with community input.

Why should I shop at my local farmers market?

Stimulate Your Local Economy

Shopping at your local farmers market returns 3 times more of your spend to the local economy when compared to shopping a chain.

Increase Access to Fresh Food

Farmers markets bring fresh food to the neighborhoods that need it most. 60% of farmers market shoppers in low-income neighborhoods say that their market had better prices than the grocery store.

Get to Know Your Community

On average, you will have 15-20 social interactions while shopping at the farmers market. In comparison, you are likely to only have 1-2 at the grocery store.

The Shop Local 365 campaign is a regional partnership among several teams throughout the five-county region of Greater Peoria. The campaign is dedicated to educating the public on the importance and impact of shopping local 365 days a year. For more information please visit: www.shoplocal365.co/farmers-markets