September 08, 2022 5:30pm-7:00pm

Hardware & IoT UI Design & Dev, IoT Peoria

About the Event

User interface (UI) development for hardware and IoT projects is unique in the software world. Teams must contend with systems (often in pre-production) that have processing, memory, and communication limitations; they also need to account for the physical environment of their users. Pixo, founded in 1988, will share its experiences of partnering with manufacturing and AgTech companies to help connect physical products to end users. Pixo will explore how being in the field with real users, testing out ideas before development, designing for flexibility, and building systems iteratively can significantly impact the experience of internal stakeholders and external users.

Speaker: Jason Berg
Jason is the co-owner of Pixo, a 28-person technology consulting agency in Urbana, IL. He focuses on the intersection of innovative technology and human-centered design and works with organizations to show how that powerful combination can help them meet their goals. He works closely with clients to understand their current challenges, identify long-term strategic opportunities, and imagine solutions that effectively meet their needs.
Jason encourages his team and clients to be authentic in their communication, transparent about their needs and abilities, and to take smart risks that result in innovative solutions. When people bring their unique perspectives to the table, it leads to better ideas, better problem solving, and a work environment that is more interesting and enjoyable.
When he’s not concentrating on Pixo, Jason can be found in the kitchen cooking with his fantastic wife and friends, mixing up unique cocktails, reading about history, technology, and how our mind works, or trying to keep up with his three incredible adult daughters.

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