October 09, 2020

Employment Returns to Pre-COVID Levels

Greater Peoria’s total labor force increased by more than 8,300 in August surpassing totals from January and February. With more than 9,300 workers re-entering the workforce, employment jumped up by 6%. The total of employed people has continued trending up but is still 6,330 below the pre-COVID total. The unemployment rate fell to 9.4% in August, a point above the national rate but below the state number of 10.9%.

Yearly growth (Labor Force)

The data below compares the year over year growth in labor force for the Greater Peoria region.

Jobs by Industry

This data reflects the Peoria MSA and is based on “where jobs are” rather than” where workers work” as you see above. Click on each industry to compare year-over-year growth and totals.

Increases in Government (specifically local government educational services) jobs account for the majority of reclaimed jobs. This growth is likely related to schools staff and teachers returning to work. Overall, industries were generally stable in August with most industries showing minimal growth or loss.