September 09, 2022

E-Commerce Thrives in Greater Peoria

When you think of the Greater Peoria region and the Midwest more generally, do you think of its incredible legacy of innovation and the E-Commerce opportunities that can and do thrive here? If you don’t already, consider this!!!

Transportation Assets Supporting E-Commerce: With 11 railroads, a year-round navigable river; an international airport; large, successful trucking companies that serve the entire country; and a full-time customs agent – you will be able to ship your product to every corner of the country and globe easily and quickly.

Transportation Assets

Cost Savings of being in the Middle: In GP, your business is within a one-day drive to half of the US population, you can ship to both the east and west coasts in the same amount of time, and you can also ship for a flat rate with the postal service’s bulk rate system. All this is in addition to our competitive rankings on the Cost of Living Index.

Cost of living index regional comparison

A Proven Track Record of Success: GP has shipped products of all shapes and sizes around the world throughout its history. Bump Health is a pregnancy subscription service based in Greater Peoria. They ship to all parts of the country and are growing exponentially. One of Caterpillar’s largest Parts Distribution Facilities in the world is located in Morton and ships products all over the world. Finally,  Komatsu provides our favorite shipping from Greater Peoria story, sending their 980E-4, super-sized, 3,000 sf, two-story house-sized dump truck all around the world from Peoria, IL as well! And these are just some highlights. Others include Precision Planting, Super Sublimation, and Just Bee.

Other selling points for a GP location?  Our Fiber Internet services are second to none, thanks to the large companies that operate in the Autonomous Driving Space. Greater Peoria’s Contract Packaging companies like Peoria Production Solutions are available to pack your shipments. We have a Foreign Trade Zone to help manage costs on materials brought in from overseas.  And the work ethic of midwestern workers is incomparable.  Click here to learn more about our logistics industry and here for more information on our location and infrastructure.