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Marketing The Regions Assets for External Business Investments

Marketing Our Assets

Since Greater Peoria is supported by our existing businesses, attracting external investments in the region elevates our growth and development. Our Business Attraction efforts are centered around marketing the region’s assets, quality of life, talented workforce, and sites and buildings available to businesses outside the region looking to expand to new locations. The goal of this office is to put Greater Peoria in front of CEOs, site selectors, community leaders, and partners.
The office markets the region through storytelling, building and enhancing connections and relationships at conferences, and promoting the usage and implementation of virtual site visit tools and data visualization.

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How You Can Help Attract Investment to Greater Peoria

Community-Driven Effort

Business Attraction is a community effort. Everyone has a role to play to help Greater Peoria grow. Here are some ways you can help us attract investment to the region:

  • Help landowners in your community compile a comprehensive picture of the properties we are marketing and get those details to us and let’s market them.
  • Identify your most attractive properties, assess their strengths and weaknesses (electricity, zoning, roads, etc.), make a plan for improving that property if necessary, and let’s market them to the industries that could make the best use of that space.
  • Connect existing businesses with the Greater Peoria EDC to identify and quantify customer and supplier networks outside the region with the facilities, incentives, and programs that would encourage them to consider a location in Greater Peoria.
  • Think through and address companies’ interests in advance.
  • Sing the praises of the region in your professional networks. There are no perfect locations but when it comes down to it, Greater Peoria has a lot to offer businesses looking for new locations. We have a robust and reliable metal manufacturing cluster and supply chain. We have a booming healthcare service industry. Our electricity and gas rates are lower than the national average and much lower than many parts of the country. It’s affordable to live here and enjoy a good life. We are centrally located and have great connectivity to both coasts and half the world within one layover. And we offer a range of lifestyle options in close proximity to each other. Want the country? We have that. Want the city? We have that. Want small-town living and diversity? We have that too.


We’re Here to Help

We are here to help. Whether you need economic data to move your business, need business assistance, or resources to help you make a relocation decision, the Greater Peoria EDC is here for you. Contact us today.