May 22, 2020

Big Table Update

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The Big Table: Greater Peoria will be back in late 2020 ready to address new challenges and continue moving forward on the issues discussed over the past year. Currently, the planning team is monitoring the COVID situation and guidelines while exploring options for putting on the event.

While the target date still remains late October or early November, the guidelines set forth in the Restore Illinois plan will help determine the size of gatherings possible. By implementing online participation and remote technology options, we hope to maintain the collaborative spirit of last year’s event, regardless of the potential limitations. As the COVID0-19 restrictions loosen, we are adjusting the plans for the smaller Big Table events that lead up to the main event.

The Big Table team continues to meet and creatively discuss how to move forward with the Big Table 2020 despite all of the current unknowns. Although it may look different, we believe it is more important than ever to bring the community together once again to tackle relevant issues and collaboratively move forward as a region.

– Audrey Kamm, Program Director, CEO Council.

With over 700 attendees at last year’s event, the Big Table will look different in 2020.

With over 700 attendees at last year’s event, the Big Table will look different in 2020.

Despite these challenges, we remain optimistic that the Big Table will act as positive and open space for our community to come together through thoughtful conversations and come away with impactful ideas and plans.

The Big Table team is also working on ways to improve the event and make it more accessible to the people of our community. We hope to host the event at multiple sites with varying time slots to encourage more participation and diversity.

Stay tuned for updates and learn more at BigTableGP.com.