October 14, 2020

Artists Re-envisioning Tomorrow

Jonathon Romain is the Co-Founder and Director of Development of ART Inc. ART Inc., Artists Re-envisioning Tomorrow, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance the quality of life of the community through art education and cultural programs.

Follow along as he discusses the plan for the Romain Center for Arts and Culture. The Romain Center is the community building for ART Inc. that offers a variety of events and educational programs.

ART, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a vision to enhance the quality of life for the community, especially our youth, through arts education and cultural programs. We provide a safe, structured, and enriching environment in which to positively and constructively engage their imaginations while discovering pathways to a bright future. Learn more at www.artincpeoria.org.