June 29, 2020

5 Reasons Why E Commerce Companies Thrive Here

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Greater Peoria is a choice location for E Commerce companies due to the logistics and transportation strengths of our region.  Sharing the top 5 reasons an e commerce company should consider locating here!   Bump Boxes, Iron Away and Echo Valley Meats are just a few of the household names whose company you will keep in Greater Peoria. 

  1. Economical Shipping: You can send smart posts to both coasts, reaching your customers within three days; enjoying shipping rates you can afford and plan around.  
  2. Quality of Place:  Your employees will have access to big city amenities while enjoying a low cost of living, making GP an enjoyable place to be.
  3. World Class Work Ethic & Customer Service: Your workforce will embody the midwestern work ethic, resourcefulness and friendliness that built companies like Caterpillar Tractor Company into the global powerhouse it is today.
  4. Easy access to the world:  Multiple, daily flights to airport hubs like Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Phoenix and Atlanta will give you access to most of the world with a 2 legged flight.  Need to get to fashion week in Paris?  Check.  How about that meeting with investors in NY?  Check.  San Fransisco?  Easy.  Or if you prefer land, rail or river options, we’ve got those too.
  5. Low Risk:  There’s little to no risk to get started here.  You’ll find affordable real estate, easy access to major markets like Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Des Moines; and an ecosystem of support through regional partners like the Chambers of Commerce, the CEO Council, and Illinois Central College.  You’ll have the resources to reach your growth goals.  Reach out and we’ll show you how.  

Peoria International Airport is a U.S. Customs Port of Entry and an active air cargo and express airport with over 50 million tons of cargo/express and mail passing through the airport each year.



Lenora Fisher

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