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The Big Table Goes Rural

The Big Table Greater Peoria is designed to continue to spark conversations in the community and give everyone a chance to have their voice heard. With that in mind, a series of events has been organized to reach our rural communities and start conversations there.

During the Big Table: Rural Matters events, join together with your neighbors to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges facing rural and small town communities in the Greater Peoria region.  Each meeting is open to the public as a place to openly discuss issues—such as town revitalization, small business development, industry, jobs, housing, and broadband—and propose projects and programs that support community and economic development in your area.  With your input and guidance, we can create a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that works for everyone.

Feel free to reach out to the event coordinator with any questions:

Tory Dahlhoff
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

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