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Startup Peoria Joins Greater Peoria EDC

AUGUST 11, 2015- PEORIA, IL- Today, the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council announced Startup Peoria will become a permanent part of their organization.

“We were honored to be asked to become the home for such a valuable initiative,” said Jennifer Daly, CEO for the Greater Peoria EDC. “Startup Peoria has generated programs, partners and a grassroots movement envied by many regions. We are eager to help them continue to grow our entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that will attract innovative businesses and people to Greater Peoria.”

Founded by local entrepreneurs Jake Hamann and Amy Lambert in late 2012, Startup Peoria exists to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to launch successful ventures in Greater Peoria that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local economy. Over the past two years, the organization has developed and implemented successful programs for local entrepreneurs including 1 Million Cups from the Kauffman Foundation, KeyStart and Startup Weekend, as well as The Nest Coworking.

The Startup Peoria Board of Directors approached the Greater Peoria EDC this summer, requesting consideration for the housing program within the newly restructured organization. With a mission focused on business creation and workforce development, the Greater Peoria EDC felt Startup Peoria was a natural fit.

“Continuing to build and expand our entrepreneurial ecosystem is crucial to the growth and attractiveness of our region,” said Hamann. “Joining the Greater Peoria EDC provides Startup Peoria with the additional resources, support system and mouthpiece to make an even bigger impact than we ever imagined when setting out on this great journey.”

The Greater Peoria EDC will now offer an official home to Startup Peoria, but hopefully outsiders won’t see any big change.

“If we are successful at this transition, others shouldn’t see much of a difference in the programs and operations of Startup Peoria,” said Daly. “Randon Gettys, Startup Peoria Coordinator, will continue hosting great events and helping clients at The Nest and the Startup Peoria Working Committee will continue developing unique programs initiated by and for entrepreneurs.”

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