Rethinking Internships

Historically, internships have been aimed at college students and post-college graduates, but now, across the country, in the light of a looming skills gap, communities are reimagining the internship model.
What if high schoolers had access to internships? What if they had the opportunity to engage with their careers of interest in a meaningful way – to see a future for themselves here in Greater Peoria?
This is the Internship as Workforce Development Strategy; this is how we begin to solve our skills gap. This is how we can ensure our region is producing a workforce to meet market demands.
Career Cruising is an online career exploration tool used by students and educators in our region’s middle and high schools. This tool is provided to our region at no cost through funding from PERFECT, the Tazewell Area Education for Employment office, and CIVEC.

Employers can now use Career Cruising to connect with Peoria Public Schools students and educators, offering internships, job shadow opportunities, and more. Your profile will also allow educators to connect with you about visiting their classrooms or bringing their classroom into your workplace.

The benefit is that students and educators can easily discover you and reach out, and you can play a significant role in the development of your future talent.
For more information on Career Cruising, Peoria Pathways or how you can be involved, contact Brent Baker, Peoria Pathways Coordinator, or visit our website at
by Brent Baker, Peoria Pathways Coordinator

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