OSF Healthcare Prepares for Growth with New North Peoria Facility

Sitting atop a lush 40-acre campus along War Memorial Drive in North Peoria, OSF Healthcare’s newly acquired 315,000 square-foot facility holds great promise for the future of one of Greater Peoria’s largest employers.  We recently stopped by for an Elevate GP visit to learn more about the new facility and let the building’s management know we are here as a resource for them as they continue to grow.

In May of 2017 the healthcare company began occupying their new facility, formerly occupied by Bosch, to allow for improved office logistics and prepare for possible future expansion.  Approximately 300 current employees will be relocated to the building to occupy the 50,000 square-foot office space.  Attached to the office is an additional 265,000 square-feet of warehouse space for which the company has begun exploring the multitude of potential uses.

The initial purpose of acquiring the new facility is part of the company’s larger effort to reorganize some of their administrative teams to improve internal communication and collaboration among various complimentary departments.

OSF Healthcare is thinking critically about how their teams interact, said Joseph Savala, senior vice president of facilities management and construction for OSF Healthcare.

“We’re going to start from scratch.  We want to rewrite the script with what makes sense,” said Savala, adding that renovations in the office space are also being made to allow for a more open and productive work environment.

Two of the departments moving to the new facility are Human Resources and Accounts Payable, previously housed in separate facilities.  The employees of these departments will now work side-by-side as it was determined that efficiency could greatly improve between these two teams that often work together.

Joining them at the new facility will be the Supply Chain department and Facilities Management and Construction.  This maneuvering also frees up space in other facilities so that OSF Healthcare can continue adopting this collaborative approach to office dynamics throughout their company by housing complimentary departments together.

In addition to the administrative offices, the growing OSF Healthcare ePharmacy call center has also been located at the facility to improve IT requirements and meet the growing demand for their remote on-call services.  The call center, which functions as the Center of Expertise for all OSF Healthcare hospitals’ pharmacy needs, holds around 40 pharmacists.

Savala said they expect the office space to be fully occupied by early next year.  As for the immense warehouse, ideas abound for how the growing company can make best use to accommodate their future goals.  Storage, distribution, collection, maintenance and more are all being considered as potential uses of the space — all of which hold potential for additional jobs and further expansion in the years to come.


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