Making a First Friend

Dr. Jim Seward recently relocated to Greater Peoria from Fort Dodge, Iowa to begin his new position as CEO of Family Core, an organization based in Downtown Peoria. Upon his arrival for his job interview, Seward was amazed by the clean riverfront. He explored the Peoria Riverfront Museum and enjoyed dinner at the Rhythm Kitchen. He was a bit discouraged that he didn’t see any of the famous Asian Carp, but that didn’t seem to take away from his wonderful experience here. “There’s so much more to do in Greater Peoria,” the Quad City native said. “It’s like a big city with the small town feel.”
Seward went back to Fort Dodge after the job interview and told his wife and 3 children about his experience in Greater Peoria. They decided that Greater Peoria would be a great place to live, work, and go to school. Because his position demanded that he come as soon as possible, Seward came to town immediately. His family plans on moving in July, so Seward has been exploring Greater Peoria on his own for the last 3 months.
Seward joined the Greater Peoria EDC’s First Friend program to get better connected to the community. His First Friend, Philippi-Hagenbuch President Danette Swank, was eager to share information and make him feel at home. “I love Greater Peoria and I really want to share it with people,” Swank said.
Swank and her husband Josh showed Seward around Peoria Heights and Grandview Drive. “They pointed me in the right direction. I will always remember them from when I first moved to Peoria. They connected me to the city personally and professionally,” said Seward.
If you or someone you know would like to find a First Friend, visit the link below:

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