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Local Spotlight: JC Screen Printing

As often happens, a community partner asked us to reach out to help a client who they knew was experiencing strong business growth. Their story is one of the many thriving small businesses in the Greater Peoria area.

JC Screen Printing's home in Goodfield.
JC Screen Printing’s home in Goodfield.

JC Screen Printing, LLC in Goodfield, Illinois custom prints all things apparel for any occasion. Around 2005, Jason & Cheryl began creating and printing t-shirts in their their home for extra cash. The reason they choose screen printing was because of Jason’s substantial background and knowledge in the “green” screen printing cleaners’ business field. His experience, knowledge and contacts, in addition to his extensive marketing background lent to a natural start-up. What began as a hobby has since, over the last ten years, transformed into full time careers for both of them. Cheryl’s duties started with the printing and expanded to learning more about the bookkeeping aspect.

EIU shirts
Fresh, new EIU shirts hot off the presses.

Their journey with a borrowed table-top press, printing on the kitchen table and curing the inks in the oven during evening hours. Once the word got out about their work and exceptional customer service, the orders started coming in. As a result, they were able to upgrade to small press in their basement and eventually grow into an independent space. Today, they have expanded into a new production and warehouse facility in Goodfield with seven full and part-time employees.

The majority of the orders they fill come from local events, schools, businesses, and churches, but work with every individual for their own specific needs no matter what the event. Interestingly, JC has even fulfilled orders from clients in places like Australia, Italy, Egypt, and South America.

JC Screen Printing
Jason Davenport, co-founder and operator of JC Screen Printing.

Due to the high level of service they provide, all of their clients they receive is through word-of-mouth and referrals. When we met with them, Jason shared, “Being friendly and easy to work with goes a long way.” They communicated that while most orders take 2 weeks on average to fulfill, they strive to have the flexibility to accommodate last-minute orders in a pinch.

JC Screen Printing does much more than just shirts.

It is very exciting to see small businesses run by passionate people grow. The Greater Peoria area is not only filled with successful and hardworking small business owners, but countless opportunities to start up a small business. It is these opportunities that make the Greater Peoria region so promising.

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