GPEDC’s Inaugural Meetup Recognizes TeamGP Leaders

TeamGP recently held our inaugural GP Annual Meetup. You may have gotten an email or two (or five!) reminding you to register to attend. I think it’s pretty clear that we were really excited for this event.

A lot of times, organizations exist and have goals set, but you don’t always get the chance to hear about those goals, what is being done to achieve them and challenges that the team might be facing. Our annual meeting was different. We didn’t want a formal “lemonade and carrot cake” type of event where we preach to you how awesome we are without giving any concrete reasons why we’re awesome. If there’s anything that TeamGP is, it’s passionate. We are passionate about everything we do: every county we cover, every town that we can help, every business we assist with their dreams and every child that recognizes their talent and contributions to these communities. Like a group of true millenials, led by a very patient and guiding CEO, we want to make a difference in Greater Peoria.
There are others, just like us, out in the communities every day. We heard from Christine Deehring, Co-Founder and CEO of Bump Boxes, and her rise from an idea to a business and what that takes. We also heard from Giselle Ochoa, 8th Grader at Harrison Community Learning Center. She’s young, but she has big dreams, a ton of smarts and the passion to do anything she wants to in life.

Last but not least, we wanted to

recognize other leaders in Greater Peoria doing big things. Steve Stewart and Steve Zika, who had no idea they were winning these awards thanks to some pretty sneaky friends and family members, were recognized with TeamGP Talent Development and TeamGP Business Development awards. Their contributions are invaluable and we can’t thank them enough for their amazing drive to make Greater Peoria everything we know it can be.

View our Meetup Videos of Award Winners on our YouTube Channel. View the official press release congratulating Steve Stewart and Steve Zika here.
by Amanda deFreese, Director of Marketing

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