Data Center of Excellence: Moving Forward

Our region continues to make significant strides as the Data Center of Excellence moves from idea to reality.

Recently, the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission purchased Purdue University’s Regional Decision Maker (RDM) platform, ESRI Business Analyst, and EMSI Analyst for our region’s Data Center of Excellence.

Purdue RDM is an online mapping platform that will be accessible by anyone within the region. The mapping platform will consist of industry cluster data, occupational cluster data, economic indicator data, and demographic data, enabling users to perform customized economic analysis for the five-county region.

ESRI Business Analyst is an online mapping product that consists of retail data, business data, and demographic data. It will enable users to conduct market analysis and retail feasibility analysis.

EMSI Analyst is an online product that will enable users to estimate the economic impacts of a change in the local economy. The product also contains industry and occupational data, enabling users to analyze the regional labor market.

While Purdue RDM will be publicly accessible, ESRI Business Analyst and EMSI Analyst are license-based products. The Economic Development Council is the license holder for these two products, and the subscription will begin January 1, 2015. Development of Purdue RDM will begin shortly and is scheduled to be completed in early 2015.

As we move forward, the Economic Development Council will manage the Data Center of Excellence. In addition, the DCOE will continue to have a Data Center of Excellence Steering Committee representing stakeholders for not only deployment and usage, but to build sustainability of the center. If you would like additional information the

Data Center of Excellence or accessing its capabilities, please contact Sally Hanley at

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